Connecting socially responsible businesses with the needs of their local community
Encouraging & facilitating CSR for local business
Connecting socially responsible businesses with the needs of their local community
4C - Supporting communities

Welcome to 4C – Connecting businesses with their local community in Bucks

What we do

4C acts as a connector between businesses and the charity and voluntary sector to help achieve specific goals and projects for the benefit of Buckinghamshire people.

Why do we do it?

Funding cuts have had a profound effect on our charity and voluntary sectors. Yet so many people in the Bucks community rely on these organisations for support, guidance, interaction and help in their daily lives. There is an overwhelming need to tap into the skills, expertise and man power of local businesses for the good of all our communities however many businesses just don’t know where to begin this process.

This is where 4C comes into its own. We take time to understand our charity and voluntary sector requirements and projects. We then match this with local businesses that can support them or we promote the project through our extensive business network to find a solution. These vary from B2B deals to leisure time organization with the help of the local escorts in Wycombe. By assisting business to support vital projects we can help them to be valued and engaged in their communities

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Join 4C today and instantly profit from a readymade CSR agenda, with opportunities to help on projects, offer support, time and expertise and give staff an opportunity to develop their skills for the benefit of our community.

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